Some things are more important than work and money

Working with charities

We love to support charities and non-profit organisations and we offer reduced rates for them. We also keep a number of pro-bono days in reserve each month for design and consultancy.

Saying yes to workers’ organisations

We actively accept commissions from trade unions and other workers’ representative organisations and we offer reduced rates for them.

Saying no to vice

Along the way, we had requests from online prostitution and online gambling owners. We’ve turn them down. All of them.

Saying yes to the start-ups

We understand the love and sweat of start-ups hence we offer reduced rates for start-ups who have a great idea and cause behind them.

We had come a long way since our early days and as much as we want business, we think it’s best to ‘put our cards on the table’ and be open about which projects suit our priorities and values. If you have a comment or a question about our ethical statement, we’ll love to hear it.