Onelynx Developments follows both the Agile and the waterfall methods. The Agile methodology treats the time-to-market as the most important feature while Waterfall methodology treats the collective feature set as the most important. Our team can adapt to work in either method, depending on your situation and requirements.

Methodologies Flow Chart

Agile software development processes are built on the foundation of iterative development. To that foundation we add a lighter, more people-centric viewpoint than traditional approaches. Agile processes use feedback, rather than planning, as their primary control mechanism. The feedback is driven by regular tests and releases of the evolving software. Clients will be guided through our phrase-based system. Every project will be split into multiple phrases depending on the size of the project. Within each phrase we will allocate project requirements accordingly and before we start the next phrase, clients will have to approve the current development before starting on to the next phrase. This ensures clients are updated with the progress and to keep projects on time and everyone happy.

Agile Sofware-flow-chart

The waterfall model shows a process, where we follow a step-by-step approach towards the project. We follow this methodology when we feel that clients practice is defined and their requirements will not change during the course of the project. After each step is perfectly finished, the process proceeds to the next step, just as builders don’t revise the foundation of a house after the framing has been erected. Our development time frame will start only after customers submit their media contents.

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