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The Importance Of Branding.

Branding in the minds of many, means having a logo or a slogan. In reality, these things are just the tip of an iceberg. Your company’s brand is it’s personality and it’s promise to customers. The fact that most brands reach their current recognition is how they deliver promise of value beyond features and benefits.  It is also the reason why consumers choose to buy a near identical product from one company. It is this power that brands hold, that make creating a brand an elusive task.


A logo is  the bond between the company and it’s consumers.


Logo Design

We create memorable and time-tested logos.

Our logo design methodology ensures that your logo will not only deliver your brand message, but also make you stand out from the competition.

 Recently Designed Logos

A professional logo design is one that is…

Your logo design should stand out within your industry and be instantly recognizable by your audience. Staying away from generic, overused visuals or icons is a great way to achieve this. While your logo should convey what makes your business unique, it doesn’t necessarily have to illustrate the product or service you provide. Utilization of high quality, professional fonts and typography can also help your brand look unique, while adding credibility to the design.
A great logo design needs to resonate with users on first glance for it to truly be memorable. Having brand recognition among audiences will help build familiarity and increase both your brand’s trust and credibility in the marketplace. Using a great logo design in tandem with great marketing will help your brand create relevancy with your business and your target audience.
A strong logo should translate well across a variety of different media. A logo design that looks fantastic on a website should also impress potential clients that receive your business card or on an ad. This simply means that your logo should be optimised for all occasions and not just designed for a specific purpose. If your logo does not make the transition from one medium to another flawlessly, your company’s legitimacy could suffer.
Even though logos does not have to reflect your company’s services or products, it still play an important part in conveying your company’s mission and culture to your audience. Understanding and redefining your target audience will go along way when you begin to craft an effective logo that reasonates with your audience. Part of creating a captivating logo is choosing an appropriate color that helps conjure the emotions you want from viewers.
Effective logo designs often rely on simplicity. The reason being, complex logos are not easily understood by humans and while our attention span are short, logos should be kept simple for effective communication. Adding extra effects or text to a website design can distract audiences from your iconic imagery and cheapen the design. They can also detract in a big way for icons that feature unreadable text due to small font size.
Works in Colour or Mono
Although color is an important part of any well designed logo, it might not always be available to users that are looking at yours. If your logo suffers when it doesn’t benefit from color, your brand might be losing out on grabbing attention and business from a percentage of your audience. As a result, your logo should be designed in a way that makes it an effective attention-grabber for audiences that are able to view it both with and without color.
The best logo designs will last your business for years to come and will retain an identity even if the logo is eventually modernized. As a result choose typefaces that are timeless and not just trendy in the short term. As time passes, the amount of dedication you spend on your logo will shine through the years. As with any brands, changing one’s logo dramatically will hurt your brand. Placing emphasis on your logo will save you headache in the coming years!

Print Design

The perfect supporting tools are sometimes made of paper.

Our print design services include marketing materials, trade show signage, print advertisements, business cards and stationery and other materials all designed to brand your company and drive sales.

Recent Print Design Projects

Highlight your brand with effective print design

Your print marketing materials are the only remnants of your company left behind after a meeting. Ensure your collateral makes the lasting impression you want and provides the best representation of your overall professional image.

Our print collateral and graphic design experts work with your team to develop, design and print the highest quality work that clearly communicates your branding and messaging to potential clients and partners.

From business card and brochure design to creating trade show displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print services that will establish your company’s brand.