In the past two years, the app market has exploded. In under 9 months the Apple store reported over a billion downloads, and then doubled that number in half the time. The app craze has spread to Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and recently China’s Xiaomi has their own app store. We can not ignore the fact that apps are being a part of our lifestyle. From Bus Arrival apps to Food Searching apps, the list is endless as our society find more convenience in this apps. Here at Onelynx, we see the need for businesses to ride on the app wagon and bring convenience to customers. The more they use your apps, the more they will generate sales for you in one way or another.

In the past two years, the app market has exploded to a billion downloads within 9 months

A lot of conversations I’ve had in the past year don’t even talk about apps because the client thinks it’s clearly going to be too expensive and they have no idea where to even start. Contrary to popular misconceptions, creating an app does not have to be expensive.



There are many different kinds of apps you can develop. This goes beyond the categories that Apple groups the apps into – food, lifestyle, sports, etc, and into the architecture of different types of apps. Speaking in broad strokes, the basic buckets of app types you can create are:

Basic Table FunctionalityDatabase Driven Custom FunctionalityGamesEnhancement or ModificationFully Dynamic AppsBusiness Apps
Think about this as a hierarchy: opening screen has big topics and you click one and you now have a set of new lists to click on. The email in the iPhone is a good example of this. Definitely the easiest to build and design and a good option for businesses who want a “simple” app that displays basic information. It’s very possible to make table based apps work with a good iphone app designer.
Yes, I know that this is not a very specific bucket, but it is the best way I can describe creatively parsing out content. Imagine you have a whole load of content that you want to utilize. An example would be having hundreds of dog breeds that you want to organize and display differently. This can be done beyond the basic table format to make the app really work. Development on this gets more complex and starts to get into whether or not you want the data housed “native” (built into the app) or “dynamic” (built into an online web services).
These have the largest range of complexity, starting with something as simple as a PONG type functionality (imagine Atari) all the way up to a 3D physics engine that does high speed air racing. Scoring points, incorporating the user experience through the physical movement of the device, and hooking into Game Center are all possible.
This means that you take certain functions of the phone, such as the alarm, camera, or flash, and make it better. One of my favorite examples of this is the Camera+ app that adds filters to any pictures you take on your phone.
Similar to the database driven apps, these apps are the kind that rely purely on external information – Twitter, Weather Channel, Flipboard.
These are the ones we don’t see frequently in the Appstore or Playstore. Businesses often require a custom application to better smoothen their workflow and cut man-hours. A fine example will be restaurants which uses apps to take order and send it to the kitchen. Some full blown restaurants had their ipad converted into POS system which takes pagyment, allowing for easy customisation of receipts and auto accounting without getting hiring expensive programmers.

iPad_appFor iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone
and BlackBerry, Onelynx Offers:

  • Custom Application Development
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  • Integration with Third Party Devices
  • Application Artwork and Design
  • iPhone Application Migration to iPad

Onelynx understand the need to stay ahead of the competition amongst thousands of other offerings. With dedicated resources for Singaporean clients, Onelynx is able to stay ahead of the technology curve to handle the latest in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry application development. We bring you significant cost reductions and decreased development time without compromising on quality, thus maximizing your efficiency and most importantly returns.

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