Why I Chose OCBC and Tips On Using OCBC

As often as how we run business, most of us had several bank accounts for different purpose. At least we will have 2 bank accounts and that will be active for sorting finances out and the reason OCBC was chosen is clear. Their online banking interface was fresh and neat with good functions like sorting out your money into category. This is key for me at least to run proper costing and balancing of my finances.

Hence if you are using OCBC, you should had received money from another party and some confusion here when another party is trying to transfer you money via e-banking. Here’s the fool-proof way to finding out your branch code:

Format BBB – C – NNNNNN (7 digits) is used only for Savings account.
Format BBB – NNNNNN – 001 (9 digits) is used for Current / EasiSave / Moi / Personal Line / Statement Savings / MoneyMax / EasiCredit account.

  • BBB = Branch Code (the first 3 digits on your account number)
  • Number of digits exclude first 3 digits, dashes and spaces

So thats it! Have a great day ahead!